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A complete valve repair, valve reconditioning and valve supply service to all sectors of industry.

Valves are vital to the efficiency of most industrial processes and can ensure both product quality and a company’s responsibility to the environment. They provide a safe operating environment, give safety protection in an emergency, and are expected to perform instantly and perfectly every time they are needed. For all these reasons, a worn and leaking valve could end up costing far more than the price of its own replacement.

Comid Engineering can repair and/or recondition the vast majority of all makes, types and sizes of industrial valves, including safety valves,using skills and experience acquired over many years.

Our Services

Safety Valve Overhauls

Safety is the top priority in every process industry. Which is why critical components such as safety, relief and emergency

Valve Supply

Comid hold large stocks of Gate, Globe, Check, Parallel Slide, Ball and Plug Valves ready for immediate despatch.

Control Valve Overhauls

Some of the most demanding sectors of British Industry – from oil, gas and chemicals to power generation.


Comid provides a complete – and guaranteed – service in valve repair and reconditioning, using skills and experience.

Valve Repair

Comid has a wealth of experience as well as the capacity to repair all sizes of safety, relief, gate, globe, check, ball, etc.

On – Site Facilities

Comid Engineering Ltd offers a comprehensive package of on-site services to ensure efficient.

Why Choose Us?




At Comid we provide a certified and guaranteed valve repair and valve reconditioning service for all types of valves, including safety valves, in every sector of industry. Work is normally carried out in our workshop, however, we do have a mobile workshop where we can work on-site during planned shutdowns.

Companies look for quality, flexibility, availability and cost savings to name a few. Comid can help achieve these because we have made valve repair and valve reconditioning our speciality and have developed systems of operation, accredited to ISO9001:2000, to meet the high standards required by our customers.

Comid, through our partnerships, supply new valves where there is damage to an existing valve which is beyond economic repair.


I’ve been happy with the services provided by Comid it has been wonderful! He has returned my calls quickly, and he answered all my questions.

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